Senol Taskin – Notebook to Grade Book

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Media

Senol Taskin is a freelance financial reporter who has been at it for nearly twenty-five years. He says that he loves his work and can’t imagine having had any other career. But after so many years, he says he is ready for a change.

And so Senol Taskin is thinking about swapping his reporter’s notebook for an instructor’s grade book. He recently spent a semester teaching business journalism at the University of Michigan, where he received his undergraduate degree, and says it was an all-around pleasurable experience. “I liked being back in that environment after so many years,” he says. “Ann Arbor has changed in some ways since the last time I was there, but a lot of it hadn’t changed. I’d enjoy being back in the classroom on a fulltime basis.”

And so Senol Taskin is exploring his options. He says it is not likely he would be able to get on the faculty at Michigan, as much as he would like to. But where he might end up teaching is not as important as making the switch; it was the pedagogy that he enjoyed during that semester at U of M. He lectured, led class discussions, and assigned topics for further study. “In short, I took all the lessons I learned from my years on the job and channeled them into that course,” he says. “If I had to sum it up in just a sentence or two, I’d say it was helping my students develop an understand of the role of business in world, with an emphasis on the United States.”


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