Senol Taskin – Tips for Keeping Students Engaged

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Business, Media

As Senol Taskin looks towards a potential career in college education, he has been putting more thought into how he will engage students when he delivers his lessons. In doing so, he has come up with these key aspects that all need to be considered when delivering a lesson


It is very easy to treat a classroom as though it is a simple collective, but the truth of the matter is that each person in that class will have different attributes. They will respond to stimuli in different ways, making it important to offer variety in your lessons and ensure that they cater to everybody in some way, wherever possible.

Real Life

Many times you will find that students struggle to connect what they are learning in the classroom with situations that they may find themselves in real life. As such, it is important to demonstrate just why the skills they are learning will be important and how they can be applied in various situations, using your own experiences as much as possible.


Tests and pop quizzes may not be popular amongst students, but they are important when it comes to developing accountability. This is crucial with college students, as they hold more personal responsibility for their own performance than they did in school. Make sure you are able to assess students, holding them accountable for their failings while also offering support when needed.


Senol Taskin has found that humor can be an extremely powerful tool in many situations. In the classroom it can help to create a lighter atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Don’t force it, but try to incorporate your natural sense of humor into the lessons you deliver.


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