Senol Taskin – Conducting Interviews

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Business, Media

During his career as a freelance financial journalist, Senol Taskin has conducted many interviews in an effort to get all of the information that he needs to write a piece. As such, he has come to understand what you need to do in order to ensure your interviewee offers you the information that you are looking to get.

Keep Them Comfortable

Many people are wary of being interviewed, particularly by a journalist. As such, you need to do what you can to ensure that they feel comfortable in the situation. Taking a little time to introduce yourself and get to know them a little more off the record. Keep it informal at first and ensure the interviewee feels like they are in control of the situation by asking them if they are ready to proceed and allowing them to talk in detail about subjects that interest them.

The Right Questions

It should be a simple thing, but asking the right questions in an interview can be very difficult. While you will know what information you want to extract during the course of the session, the way you phrase your questions will often depend entirely on the person you’re interviewing. Consider their personality and try to work out if they will respond well to direct questioning, or if they will need to be eased towards the subject.

Stay Calm

Interviews can often lead to emotions boiling over. Senol Taskin has found that you must remain calm in these situations, both in order to demonstrate that you don’t intend to come across as a threat to the interviewee and to also demonstrate your professionalism. By staying calm and respectful, you may be able to diffuse a tense situation and proceed with the interview.


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