Senol Taskin – The Importance of Personal Criticism

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Business, Media

Senol Taskin considers himself to be his own biggest critic, which he believes has been important in relation to his continued success as a freelance financial journalist. Being able to properly criticize the work that you produce is advantageous in a number of ways.

Discover Knowledge Gaps

When writing an article, it is important that you present yourself as an expert in the subject. Without criticizing your own work properly, you may end up submitting articles that demonstrate clear gaps in your knowledge. By casting a critical eye over what you do, you will be able to see where your knowledge doesn’t quite stack up, allowing you to take the necessary steps to make improvements.


It is important to distinguish between personal criticism as a means to improve ourselves, rather than a way to break ourselves down. When used correctly, your criticisms should enable you to take an honest look at where you currently stand and allow you to work on a course of action that will lead to improvement further down the line. Don’t simply beat yourself up for the sake of it. Instead, aim to make your critical process a constructive experience.

Staying Humble

When you begin to experience success in any industry, it can often become difficult to stay humble. While Senol Taskin is self-confident, he also recognizes how dangerous too much confidence can be. If you think too much of yourself, you may find you put less effort into what you do. This, in turn, can lead to poorer work being produced, which also damages your reputation in the long run.


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