Senol Taskin – Getting Involved in the Global Community

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Business, Media

Senol Taskin is a successful journalist who has been writing on the financial state of the world for more than 25 years. He is an expert when it comes to the business and financial world, and believes that it is his job to relate the news in this field to the people. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Journalism and Business, as well as a graduate degree from Columbia University in Finance. He is more than equipped to tell the right stories, ask the right questions, and provide the people with the information they need.

However, Senol Taskin rarely writes simply on the happenings of a specific business. Mostly, he tries to find a way that recent changes in the financial industry impact the world, and how. For instance, the economy of Africa is growing, which is a big story that has an affect on the globe as a whole. He is even in the process of publishing a book titled The African Economy: Challenge and Growth.

Being a journalist is more than just relaying information to concerned or interested citizens; it’s about how certain events shape, change, and impact the lives of people directly and indirectly involved. The rise of the African economy is something that will change the course of the world from this point forward, and people all over the globe will be impacted.

As a freelance journalist, Senol Taskin is able to write about the stories he knows will have a greater impact on the world. He isn’t bogged down by the wants and needs of any specific news source.


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