Senol Taskin – The Benefits to Swimming for Exercise

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Business, Media
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Senol Taskin is an individual who is committed to the success of his professional future in the world of journalism. He has been working as a freelance journalist ever since he graduated from the University of Michigan with his degree in the field. However, he didn’t start working as a financial reporter until after he received his advanced degree in the field from the prestigious Columbia University in New York. He understands the industry better than most of his professional colleagues, which gives him an edge over his competition in the freelancing community. He is committed to telling the stories people need to hear about.

When he isn’t working on the next big story to come out of the financial industry, Senol Taskin can be found improving upon his physical health by swimming long distances. He loves swimming laps in the pool because it gets him in shape and relaxes his mind. Here are some reasons swimming is great exercise in order to focus on your health.

The first reason is that it improves the health of the most important muscle in your body: the heart. Swimming is an endurance exercise, but it doesn’t impose the great impact forces felt by exercises like running. Instead, swimming focuses on the upper body, as well as the heart and lungs, and the water provides a soft resistance.

The next reason that swimming is a great exercise is that it’s easily accessible by most people. There are always community pools or recreation centers that have cheap membership fees and allow the patrons to use the lap pool whenever they feel like it.


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